Price Stability at HTS Global AG

The Swiss company HTS Global AG is one of the leading manufacturers in the heating cable market. Its brand ThermTrace was able to enter the market many years ago and managed to remain there. While other manufacturers are continuously increasing their prices, HTS Global AG has managed to keep the prices of their products stable for years. By offering price stability, HTS Global AG wants to offer its customers a certain amount of security in a constantly changing economy, says Fabian de Soet, CEO of HTS Global AG.

Price stability is not the only strength of HTS Global AG. The quality of the products speaks for itself. The products are subjected to regular tests to guarantee the usual high quality standard.

In addition, HTS Global AG’s longstanding customers appreciate the excellent customer service. In contrast to other companies, HTS does not just deliver the products and then wait for the next order, they look for close contact with the customer. Feedback is always welcome and the team around Mr. de Soet is always happy to help with any questions or ambiguities.

An overview of the ThermTrace and eHeat products and accessories can be found on the homepage at There you can also download the current product catalogue under the heading „Downloads“ or if required, HTS Global AG will be happy to send the catalogue by mail. If there are any further questions afterwards, the team at HTS Global AG will be happy to answer them at any time and advise you on choosing the right heating cable.

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